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The College Fair Automation Solution…

…For Students: With a few quick clicks, students pre-register for the fair online. This process creates a barcode encrypted with the student data. The student fills this registration form out just once, so he/she will be more likely to elaborate on interests, extra-curricular activities, special accomplishments, etc. This shows a more accurate picture of the individual than one might be inclined (or able) to provide on card after card at each table. It also insures correct, complete, legible student information is available for every college representative that scans the data.

Sample Student Registration Form
Bar Code Scanner

…For College Admissions Representatives: Each representative is equipped with a pocket sized scanner. As students visit tables, college and university representatives no longer have to deal with sloppy, inconvenient info cards. Instead, reps scan the students’ barcode to capture the data. The college reps have complete discretion over whom they choose to scan. This is not a machine that students can “swipe” the barcode through without talking to a rep.

2-3 days after the fair, the colleges are emailed an excel spreadsheet with all the student data they collected at the fair. This format offers the participating colleges a faster follow up process, completely removing the need for data entry from the information cards. The admissions office staff will thank you!!

Eliminating the information cards also creates a more environmentally friendly college fair, which is important both for image and for funding.

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